Our Team of Consultants

Shirley Ruston

With over 20 years experience in media and sales management Shirley brings a wealth of marketing expertise and creativity to the business. With a proven track record of success her areas of expertise include; media planning, advertising design, brand marketing, PR and copywriting. 
Always paying great attention to detail and helping clients not only meet but exceed their marketing objectives, Shirley is very results-driven and passionate about customer care.


tim berry   picture

Tim Berry

A former Managing Director, Tim has over thirty years of senior management experience gained working for two national companies and one private company in the media industry and he has and enviable record of increasing profit on an annual basis.

With an great track-record of success Tim has his own personal formula for ensuring companies he works with achieve ambitious profitability targets by increasing revenues, reducing costs and by developing and motivating the workforce for success. Whilst in his last position Tim and his team increased the bottom line profit from 7% to well over 30% in under 10 years!

Tim’s personal style combines strong customer centric business ideals with engaging leadership, communication, analytical thinking and strategic vision to ensure success in very results-focused environments.

steve bather pictureSteve Bather

Steve is a Professional Facilitator who specialises in the use of Group Engagement Tools in his client work. He has over 20 years experience working with European and North American organisations and has designed and led over 1200 workshops, meetings and conferences across almost every sector and with international groups.

Steve is passionate about how the right technology can help transform the quality of individual contribution, insight and actions generated during meetings. He has witnessed striking transformation during meetings whereby initially reticent participants become interested, involved and animated contributors.

Steve’s work life is founded on an ability to build strong relationships with clients. He takes great pride in the longevity of those relationships and how the right facilitative process with the right people can radically improve organizational performance.

 Specialties; Facilitation of multi-discipline groups in international team collaboration.

ross edmonds   picture

Ross Edmonds

Ross’s expertise lies within the world of live events. His experience extends across a number of top businesses, representing a diverse range of business sectors. There are a number of distinct areas in which Ross works, and for which he has great enthusiasm. These are:

Conference presenter and facilitator; As a presenter with operational and commercial experience, Ross brings a lot of credibility and acumen to this role. He strongly believes that he is there to enable speakers and participants to engage with each other through interviews, panel and table discussions, and team activities. His lively style is always to bring enjoyment and often a sense of humour to some serious business issues. Ross has facilitated multi cultural events for global businesses in a number of countries. 

Programme designer; Ross will sit down with you to look at the whole customer experience for your event. Starting with the outcomes, he will support and advise you in deciding what to include and when, and shares tips and techniques to help create an event which will work dynamically for the participants, so that it’s memorable and has maximum impact. Ross’s experience of working with communication companies ensures that the content design is always aligned with the production of an event, so the relationship, location, logistics, theme and content are all considered together.