Media Advertising

Digital Marketing? Press or Magazine? National or Regional? Display or Classified? Colour or Mono? Weekday or Weekend? Direct Marketing? Leaflet Distribution....CONFUSED?


The media landscape can be a large and confusing place. Are you finding it hard to decide where to start and how best to spend your hard-earned marketing budget to bring the best results?

Perhaps this is the time to welcome your brand to Bramble Creative, we have the experience and the industry 'know how' to offer a highly targeted and results-driven approach to achieve your goals, manage your brand and navigate the constant changes in media markets.


Bramble Creative offers a full copywriting and planning service for online and offline media including;

  • Media Strategy and planning
  • Budget maximisation and campaign evaluation
  • Using corporate and sales brochures
  • Effective Direct Mail and leaflets
  • Digital; email and website marketing
  • Media advertising that really works
  • Cost effective media planning and buying
  • Using promotions and publicity to boost profile


Marketing is a large and important investment area and the approach to Media is crucial, we will optimise your media investment by adopting the right principles to improve your competitive advantage and ensure that you receive maximum value from your advertising investment.

Designing advertisements that gain a favorable response is critical to your investment, we have the knowledge and experience to design advertising campaigns for all media types that will deliver the maximum return on your investment. Importantly, because we are independent in ownership, we are independent in thinking, meaning smarter media efficiencies, rational strategies, greater clarity and rigorous accountability which all results in protection from costly mistakes.


For more information on getting better results from your advertising budget, contact us now on 07920477877 or click the CONTACT button above and we will be in touch very shortly.