What clients said about our consultants...

 “In late 2007 Steve supported a process whereby we brought together various parts of the Promethean global organization in order to formalise a web strategy for the company. The collaborative approach supported the workshop process providing more in depth brainstorming, wider group interaction, clearer consensus measurement and efficient recording. Not only did we achieve our principal objective which led to one of the company's most successful strategic growth initiatives but it was seen by all participants as one of the most productive working sessions that they had ever participated in.” VP for Europe


 “Ross is an outstanding presenter. He has the ability to understand the key business issues quickly and put them across clearly, whilst also injecting humour at relevant points, making the conference both effective and great fun. He provides invaluable support to determine the theme, style and content. I would highly recommend Ross to anyone planning a conference”. Marketing Consultant, UK


 “Ross is the consummate professional as well as being a great guy to work with. He has brought significant value to our business through our work with him and I would strongly recommend him if you are looking for a communications expert to help you improve your internal or external facing comms.” Service Director, UK


 “Steve provided excellent service every time I have used him. I have hired him several times during my time with 2 separate International organisations. In my opinion he is one of the best facilitators I have ever seen.” Learning & Development Director, UK


 “Ross has a wide range of talents. Firstly he is a very personable, entertaining, engaging and popular individual with delegates. He is also highly creative with the ability to produce interesting, focused and thought-provoking projects that produce excellent results. His presenter / facilitator skills are amongst the best I have worked with and his desire to produce actionable results for the customers from his projects and programmes is just one of the reasons why I have no hesitation in recommending his company.” Marketing Consultant, UK


 “I have had the pleasure of working with Steve as a partner for 5 years. Steve is an extremely professional individual who is very passionate about his work. He provides a service that is prompt, effective and personable. He views his clients as the most important part of his business. I am honoured to have had the opportunity to work with such a dynamic, intelligent person!” Strategic Account Executive, UK


 “I have worked with Steve on several projects. He has an amazing ability to integrate his knowledge of the collaborative tools he uses, with his great natural facilitation skills. The benefit of these interactive tools relies on the skill to interpret and then develop the thoughts and ideas from participants, and Steve has these in abundance. Little wonder then that he is so successful with helping clients design and execute workshops and conferences.” Professional Presenter and Facilitator, UK


 “I have known Steve both as a colleague, service provider and friend. For quite a while I could not really work out what it was that he did. Then as part of a management training programme I used his services to get to the root cause of a lot of miscommunication within my business. He was inventive and personable but also quite firm when needs be. I hired him again after that and on many other occasions. Results speak for themselves.” Business Consultant, UK


 “It has been a great pleasure working alongside Ross over recent of years. I am always extremely impressed by his ability to facilitate events of differing sizes and formats. Through his energetic approach, Ross has the innate ability to create an enjoyable atmosphere that encourages full participation and delivers tangible results. These high standards are not only achieved by his engaging nature, but also through diligent preparation and professionalism. I would not hesitate in recommending Ross as a huge asset to any organisation.” Partner Account Development Manager, UK


 “I first used Steve and the technology he provides as part of the solution in 1998 to accelerate the thought - action process in a geographically dispersed sales team. The results were impressive and the value Steve brings as the connection between the people and the tools is invaluable. I have used Steve several times since and will do so at the next opportunity as he helps me get clarity from various inputs and bring teams together” General Manager Business Productivity, UK


 “Steve has been an extremely valuable tool and resource for supporting the movement of mining group knowledge and intelligence. I have had the opportunity to both learn from Steve and his experiences, as well as apply his knowledge towards profitable sales efforts. The level of work Steve has always provided is directly aligned to success and growth!” Business Development Manager, UK


 “Ross and I have worked together on a number of projects. Ross is extremely diligent, competent and confident, in both preparation and delivery of facilitated events. He has an engaging approach that immediately brings energy to a group whatever size. His focus and professionalism ensure events deliver real value and beneficial experience to all participants. Ross has also helped develop a Virtual Conference offering that ensure the best techniques are applied to provide a really valuable alternative to the face to face event. Thoroughly recommend Ross to support the planning and delivery of any crucial event.” Director, UK 


 “I have worked with Steve for many years supporting his real-tools interactive meetings. He is a natural facilitator, always fun to work with and passionate about delivering great workshops, value for clients and real outcomes.” Director, UK


 “For over three-years, I have collaborated with Steve Bather on numerous client assignments in the UK and the US. In every project, Steve delighted the client with his brilliance in helping the group solve organizational issues and unveil a new path. Steve really listens and reads the problem before proposing a practical solution. In addition, working with Steve is always memorable!” Director Global Business Development, UK


  “I've had the pleasure of working with Steve on maybe a dozen occasions in the last five or six years, and each event has been both productive and a pleasure. He's a highly experienced facilitator with a valued ability to keep his finger on the pulse of a process and productivity, and his use of the collaboration tools technology adds a unique value to capturing and moving forwards outcomes and results.” Founder Director, UK


 “Steve is a truly excellent facilitator. He processes complex information quickly, gets to the to the heart of things straight away, never loses his cool and always keeps his sense of humour - which is a real asset when you are working together under pressure. He has been a pleasure to work with and I have no hesitation in recommending him here.” Production Company Owner, UK


 “Steve is an expert at something that is actually rather difficult. Steve can get to the heart of an organisational problem very quickly and can design and facilitate group problem solving sessions that really add value. Steve's agenda is always the organisational agenda and in tough situations he never loses his sense of humour. I've employed Steve to work with my clients and they and I have never been disappointed.” Change Management and Communications Consultant, UK


 “I worked with Steve on the Adobe/Macromedia post-acquisition integration. I appreciate Steve's sharp and responsive work style. He and his team helped us move ahead quickly with the successful integration of the two companies in EMEA. I give Steve my strong recommendation and would happily bring him in again for future projects.” CEO, Switzerland


 “I have for a number of years had the pleasure of working with Steve as a colleague and business partner, and benefitted and learned from his vast experience in professional facilitation in meetings and via internet.” General Manager, Norway